Perfect scandinavian interior design


White wooden floors, the strong presence of vintage furniture and decor details, added with modern and elegant design elements, is the combination that creates the usual scandinavian interior style. This Gothenburg apartment, listed at Fastighetsbyrån, is a perfect example of that all.

Here you can enjoy the overall lightness and laid-back atmosphere which continues throughout the apartment. The warmth of wood, soft textiles and decor materials, as well as the colorful details create a personal look and a cosy base layer that can easily be transformed by the current season decor.

white-floors-scandinavian-apartment livingroom-scandinavian-apartment pair-doors-scandinavian-apartment bedroom-scandinavian-apartment bedroom-storage-scandinavian-apartment kitchen-decor-scandinavian-apartment

The kitchen has a welcoming atmosphere, generated by the combination of modern glossy cabinetry, natural toned desks and rustic steel bar stools.

kitchen-scandinavian-apartment kitchen-table-scandinavian-apartment diningroom-scandinavian-apartment hallway-floors-scandinavian-apartmententry-room-scandinavian-apartment