10 Housing residence by A-cero


Located in Madrid, Spain, the 10 Housing residence by A-cero is an amazing piece of architecture continued with beautiful contemporary and luxurious interiors. The streamlined shapes and architectural details both inside and outdoors not only define the luxury but also create the exceptional unique look for the house. Large pool area, green yards and the overall rhythm around the house pampers your eyes with a specific way. Spacious bedrooms, kitchen integrated with the partly roofed terrace and the glamorous simplicity makes the house really stand out. Enjoy the movie room or indoor pool while casting a view to the surrounding nature through the windows.

acero-10housing-outdoor acero-10housing-yard acero-10housing-livingroom acero-10housing-dining acero-10housing-kitchen-dinnertable acero-10housing-kitchen acero-10housing-bedroom acero-10housing-bedroom-2 acero-10housing-bedroom-detail acero-10housing-colors acero-10housing-entrance acero-10housing-pinkroom acero-10housing-movieroom acero-10housing-indoor-pool acero-10housing-terrace-light acero-10housing-nightlight acero-10housing-yard-2 acero-10housing-pool acero-10housing-architecture

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