A log house in Finland with rustic scandinavian interiors


This 300 square meters big apartment located in Heinola, Finland, charms with a warm rustic atmosphere. White painted log walls, ceilings and wooden floor multiplies the natural light flowing in from the great windows. While spending time with your loved ones you can enjoy a full lake view and the green nature surrounding the house. The words earthy,  delicious, rustic and romantic are definitely one the best to describe the style of the interiors. Lot’s of delicate details, colors in kids’ rooms and bold use of vintage furniture make this house a unique piece of decoration. Also point out the modern twisted beach sauna building to get the best of the amazing Finnish summer nights. This house was the winner of Finnish TV program “Suomen kaunein koti 2014”, translated as “The Most Beuatiful Home of Finland 2014”. Listed for sale at Etuovi.com.

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Photos etuovi.com