Aesthetic beauty and functionality in interior design


Bayside apartments, designed by architect Rob Mills, are a great example how clever use of organic materials, airy room design and simple, yet carefully chosen color palette creates a contemporary interiors combining same time the aesthetic beauty and functionality in living.

Natural stone and oak timber flooring together with the design furniture create a perfect combination that reflects the surrounding environment and the overall approach for the apartment’s interior design. Every piece in the space have their own function, yet they all play an important role of the decor as well. This develops the warm and harmonic design which continues throughout the rooms and elements.

atmosphere-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty

The wooden elements are present in many forms, shapes and tones creating a warm, earthy atmosphere aside the ultra-contemporary design style.

textures-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty kitchen-details-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty bedroom-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty home-office-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty furniture-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beautygarden-contemporary-interior-design-with-aesthetic-beauty