Antique and modern styles combined in the Scandinavian way


Antique furniture and modern white surfaces give this beautiful Scandinavian its fine and elegant look, yet same time feeling very welcoming and cosy for family living. Dark tones of the library/work room and the rustic details meet contemporary style in the kitchen, while the great bathroom in black tiling takes care of the relaxing spa moments. This home is listed at Lundin.

interiors-modern-antique-living-room-fireplace interiors-modern-antique-chairs interiors-modern-antique-dining-area interiors-modern-antique-dining interiors-modern-antique-doors interiors-modern-antique-study-library-room interiors-modern-antique-library-room interiors-modern-antique interiors-modern-antique-black-bathroom interiors-modern-antique-bathroom interiors-modern-antique-kitchen

Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs finish the modern look of the kitchen.

interiors-modern-antique-kitchen-design interiors-modern-antique-kitchen-white interiors-modern-antique-bedroom-decor