Architectural house with panoramic views over the landscape


CA House in Brasil, designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura offers amazing panoramic views over the landscape and an all transparent social area connecting the interiors with the terrace area. Located in a slight natural slope, the rooms and parts of the house are architecturally divided from each other. The movable metal panels between the areas allow privacy when needed, yet making the overall space to enjoy as much as natural light and an open atmosphere by the moment.

The landscaping around the house give the perfect finish, highlighting the lightness and beauty of the architecture. Warm elegant tones, use of wood and vivid color spots in the appearance give the house its comfortable and welcoming, yet luxurious feeling.

landscape-views-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura architecture-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura garden-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura environment-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura living-room-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura interior-exterior-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura interiors-ca-house-jacobsen-arquitetura