Architectural treat in Finland by Muurametalot


Based on functionalism and the architectural design of Alvar Aalto this unique concept house Villa Muurame has been designed to optimize the functionality where all the unnecessary things are left out. This home was built for the Finnish Housing Fair 2014 in Jyväskylä. Architect for the project was Marco Casagrande and the interiors were designed by Johanna Salmisen ja Kati Vuorela. Inside the house joins a lot of open social space. Main black and white color palette gets nice edge from copper design lamps by Frandsen. Every room is carefully planned. To avoid overly white and cold atmosphere many of the walls are painted with dark grey tone. Thanks to the architecture and great ceiling height the big window walls let the nature and surrounding environment be part of the interiors. The beautiful photos of this house are taken by Krista Keltanen.

dream-house-black-white-2 dream-house-black-white-3 dream-house-black-white-5 dream-house-black-white-6 dream-house-black-white-7 dream-house-black-white-8 dream-house-black-white-9 dream-house-black-white-10 dream-house-black-white-11 dream-house-black-white-12 dream-house-black-white-13 dream-house-black-white-14 dream-house-black-white-15 dream-house-black-white-16

Photos Krista Keltanen