Atherton Residence joins beautifully with the nature around


Atherton Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, is a complex of four buildings – main house, study, pool house and a garage that ring the edge of the site and focus inward on the pond, garden and pool of the property. The great sliding glass walls let the nature step in from every angle making it a real part of the interiors.

The pond creates the heart of the terrace area while the trees and bushes around mix the house architecture with the nature. Rooms are spacious and feel very open which same time let’s the light flow directly into every corner of the houses.

entry-house-connects-with-the-nature pond-house-connects-with-the-nature patio-house-connects-with-the-nature outdoors-house-connects-with-the-nature livingroom-house-connects-with-the-nature

Rough but natural elements give the interiors a nice twist while the colors of the surrounding nature flow in and become part of the indoors.

interior-exterior-house-connects-with-the-nature office-house-connects-with-the-nature kitchen-house-connects-with-the-nature glasswalls-house-connects-with-the-nature bedroom-house-connects-with-the-nature sliding-doors-house-connects-with-the-nature poolhouse-house-connects-with-the-nature property-house-connects-with-the-nature