Black and white home decor meets cozy social floor plan


Rich home decor brings this beautiful city apartment alive enjoying all the little details and balanced design throughout the rooms. The mix of black and white, warm wooden furniture and decor elements with a good taste enhance the open social floor plan for a cozy everyday family living. This beauty is listed for sale at Innerstadsspecialisten.


The living and dining room joins the half open kitchen. From black leather to vintage wood and white design pieces. In the corner of the living room the old fireplace is a cherry on the top of this Scandinavian flavoured cake.

black-and-white-decor-fireplace black-and-white-decor-kitchen black-and-white-decor-from-kitchen black-and-white-decor-livingroom black-and-white-decor-kidsroom

A custom sliding door made of old window frames divides the bedroom from the kids room.

black-and-white-decor-bedroom black-and-white-decor-bedroom-mirror

Royal style wall mirror finishes the look of the bedroom.

black-and-white-decor-pair-doors black-and-white-decor-hall