Casa Chamisero by GITC showcasing the luxury of landscapes


Casa Chamisero in Santiago, Chile, is an architectural oasis with spectacular views over the city hills, designed by GITC. Concrete elements and the elegant wooden cladding of the upper part of the house highlight the forms and height of the house, giving it a special character, yet adapting with the surrounding landscape. Curve staircase, infinite pool and the large terrace area offer some everyday luxury for the living.

casa-chamisero-entryway casa-chamisero-staircase

The warmth of the wooden materials contrast with the colorful red kitchen design which continues the house’s curve architectural outdoor shapes.

casa-chamisero-kitchen-red casa-chamisero-sitting-room

Plants and color spots in the sitting room add a nice vivid feel and mix for the glossy floors and rough concrete wall elements.


Open floor plan multiplies its feel through the glass walls and views from the house.


The pool creates both an architectural and luxurious extension for the large terrace area. Also point out the house wide balcony.

casa-chamisero-pool-view casa-chamisero-terrace casa-chamisero-outdoor-design casa-chamisero-balcony