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Industrial warehouse building conversion by Andrew Simpson Architects

Industrial warehouse building converted into a spacious and flexible house which now serves for extended family dwelling.

Modern house architecture joins the nature around

Modern architecture connecting the nature and house design in the beautiful Finnish environment near Helsinki city.

Modern Farmhouse in California by David Watson Architect

Custom built Modern Farmhouse brings together rich details, luxurious elements and the cosy country style in open spaces throughout the house, added with a pool terrace.

Black and white, twisted with wood spots

Minimalist black and white color palette giving this nordic home a timeless look, twisted with nice design and decor details.

Earthy luxury design in RT House by Jacobsen Arquitectura

Contemporary terrace house designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura with lots of open social living area and a great pool terrace.

Holiday home renovation, Kuaotunu House by Crosson Architects

The camping like atmosphere of the Kuaotunu House generates from the tent to tent like moving between the spaces, with a open terrace area in the centre.

Modern Bondi House by Fearns Studio

Bondi House has a tubular ground floor structure where oak cabinetry and other wooden elements give warmth for the vivid white based layer of the house.

Scandinavian interior design in white

Scandinavian home with all white interior design multiplying the amount of natural light and feel of space. Added with design furniture and home decor this home is a real white dream.

Quonochontaug House by Bernheimer Architecture

Away from the noise city life of New York, the Quonochongtaug House by Bernheimer Architects enjoys a comfortable and relaxing nature environment.

Unique architectural shape creating a sheltered terrace area

Interesting curve shapes giving this Australian house by LSA Architects a unique look, while also enjoying a large open terrace area continuing to interiors.

Wooden family house by Casagrande Laboratory

Wooden family house by Casagrande Laboratory, reminds of a boat in harbor. Characteristic architecture unites with open and white interior design.

Modern summer house in the pure scandinavian nature

Villa Ă–verby shows beautiful architecture with pure, simple lines that gets an enhanced character from the surrounding nature.

Gateira House by Camarim Arquitectos

Gateira house by Camarim Arquitectos shows real respect for the landscape, filled with pines, olive trees and the vineyards.

Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects

Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects is an elegant looking house that combines the modern day design with timeless cottage atmosphere.

Architectural house with panoramic views over the landscape

Adapting the shapes of nature, this beautiful house in Brasil offers a great panoramic views over the landscape, combining same the open social interiors with exteriors.

Designing home interior in a pure white palette

Interior design based on pure white color palette, still showing a cosy atmosphere and interesting details in floor plan.

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.