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Picks from the Housing Fair Finland

The annual Housing Fair in Finland took place this year in the city of Seinäjoki. The event showcases the ongoing and future trends in housing industry, including architecture, materials, interior design and furnishing.

Multiple rooms brought into one stylish interior space

This space combines the kitchen, dining area, a working corner and the living room showing up with a great example how to optimize the use of floor space.

Interior design with a comprehensive look throughout

A perfect example how the small things matter when it comes to creating a comprehensive style for the house. Beautiful kitchen & dining room designed by Ali Budd Interiors.

Marin turquoise kitchen decor by Jute

Turquoise color spots give this kitchen and dining nook interior a warm vivid look. Simplicity and bold details in one package.

Victorian style kitchen with catchy details and color spots

Remodeled by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, this kitchen and dining room combination of an old victorian house in Portland, experienced a complete makeover. Part of the sun porch was converted to interior space to create a more open and airy kitchen, and narrow opening connecting the rooms was enlarged. Handmade local tiles overlay now the walls to the ceiling, while curved pieces...

Rich decor details in Alhambra kitchen by Jessica Helgerson

The rich decor and bold design of this Alhambra kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, shows a strong contrast and an interesting Spanish twist. In the end of the space you can enjoy yourself sitting on the comfortable sofa while casting a view through the big windows. The island in the middle offers nice storage space and works for lunch moments. Brass...

Elegant white bathroom interior by marianiLIND

Designed by marianiLIND, this bathroom wakes up in a bright white mood with some very nice and carefully designed details. Bathrooms often look a little cold and too simplified but adding some basic decor you can make the space look both cozy yet not loosing the point of it being a bathroom. Black bordered mirror over the sink table with...

Sauna department of a residential building

Sauna departments in residential buildings in Finland are very common. They are more like a must than nice to have kind of a thing. This sauna department got a total makeover to make the layout both more practical and modern as well. The Interior Architects Fyra became part of the project from the very beginning. The dressing room bigger and the bathroom and sauna...

Beach house style bathroom with black and white theme

The light and earthy beach house style gives this bathroom a comfortable look. The decorative stripe on the floor tiling is a perfect match with other small but important details in this bathroom. Elegant black bath tub, different textures and material combinations finalize the beach house style of this space. Soft white textiles in curtains and pendant light, marble...

In the kitchen of Lotta Agaton

This kitchen belongs to well known Swedish interior stylist Lotta Agaton. It's all pure white yet still very inspiring and not that cold at all. Full height tiling in the back wall gives this modern kitchen a nice look. It somehow ties all the white elements and furniture together. The kitchen island in the middle brings additional storage and working...

Black wooden kitchen

Lundia Classic furniture collection offers elegant and timeless design to create a kitchen for your very own needs. Versatile add-ons, such as drawers, partitions and doors, transform your kitchen entity into a whole new level. Lundia Classic furniture is made of solid Finnish wood. It's easy to assemble and completely adaptable for your home and space. For more check...

White kitchen with black and brass details

In the renovation project of this kitchen designer StudioRUM together with the client wanted to respect the style and age of the building which dates back to 1930's. Aim was to design a kitchen combining modern, rustic and romantic style. Result is awesome, scandinavian style white themed kitchen with interesting black and brass details in decoration and lighting. Integrated dishwasher was...

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.