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Sauna department of a residential building

Sauna departments in residential buildings in Finland are very common. They are more like a must than nice to have kind of a thing. This sauna department got a total makeover to make the layout both more practical and modern as well. The Interior Architects Fyra became part of the project from the very beginning. The dressing room bigger and the bathroom and sauna...

Beach house style bathroom with black and white theme

The light and earthy beach house style gives this bathroom a comfortable look. The decorative stripe on the floor tiling is a perfect match with other small but important details in this bathroom. Elegant black bath tub, different textures and material combinations finalize the beach house style of this space. Soft white textiles in curtains and pendant light, marble...

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.