Chapel converted into a holiday home by Evolution Design


Located in the heart of the Upper Teesdale, England, this old chapel dating back to 1880’s experienced a magnificent transformation from an old chapel into a quaint and spacious holiday home. In charge for the project was Swiss Evolution Design. The existing structure was left vacant and the original windows of the nineteenth century building have been reopened, framing dramatic views of the dales. The interiors were designed to complement the character of the building, giving it a modern, stylish look and yet in the context of the location and its history.  “We wanted to create a space that was modern and yet had a traditional language that would complement the historic nature of the Chapel and appeal to a wide range of guests. This was reflected in our choice of furniture and finishes,” explains designer Paul King.

The interiors reflect an interesting combination of different time eras. Industrial, country style twist with laid-back modern decorating and furniture from white to black added with wooden materials for a cozy, warm atmosphere. This beautiful chapel now works as a modern and comfortable holiday cottage for 7 guests, with a perfect location for unforgettable holidays spent walking, cycling, climbing or just relaxing and enjoying the surrounding nature. For bookings visit

chapel-on-the-hill-kitchen chapel-on-the-hill-open-kitchen chapel-on-the-hill-dining-corner chapel-on-the-hill-interiors chapel-on-the-hill-interior chapel-on-the-hill-sitting-room chapel-on-the-hill-living-room chapel-on-the-hill-livingroom-stairschapel-on-the-hill-bedroom chapel-on-the-hill-bedroom-window chapel-on-the-hill-bathroom chapel-on-the-hill-bathroom-decorating chapel-on-the-hill-bathtub chapel-on-the-hill-white-bathroom chapel-on-the-hill-house-transformation chapel-on-the-hill-terrace chapel-on-the-hill-ground-floor-plan chapel-on-the-hill-first-floor-plan

Photos Chris Humphreys