Compact penthouse apartment in modern white


This compact penthouse apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, gives many choices and options to create a social and open apartment design where you have a good sight over the whole apartment. The great room height together with the architectural ceiling and wooden beams add unique look and feel for the interiors. The extra loft level could be used for guests or why not to be a compact study/working corner. This personal apartment is a perfect place for weekends in the city but as well for a couple as home. Listed at Alexander White.

penthouse-apartment-white-style penthouse-apartment-white-design penthouse-apartment-white-black penthouse-apartment-white-loft-bedroom penthouse-apartment-white-kitchen penthouse-apartment-white-kitchen-design penthouse-apartment-white-kitchen-table penthouse-apartment-white-bedroom penthouse-apartment-white-bedroom-design penthouse-apartment-white-bathroom penthouse-apartment-white-interior penthouse-apartment-white-hallway-views