Concrete house architecture


Located in the Turku Archipelago in Finland, this 230 square meters big concrete house rises up from the nature, adapting same time to the surrounding rocks and environment. The natural light flows in directly from the big windows around the house. Besides as a construction material the concrete is used widely in the furniture and other interior elements as well. The house gets its energy from the nature while the oak floor and acoustic ceiling panelling adds a warm cozy atmosphere. The concrete can be seen all over – in tables, staircase steps, shelving and in sliding doors. In its simplicity the concrete material puts this house to fit perfectly into the environment, enjoying the rich changes in seasons of the Finnish nature. Architecture for this amazing house is by Sigge Architects.

concrete-house-diningroom concrete-house-livingroom concrete-house-interors concrete-house-staircase concrete-house-bathroom concrete-house-walls concrete-house-turku concrete-house-outside concrete-house-finland

Photos  Vesa Loikas /