Earthy eco interior design


Earthy, natural materials and a soft harmonic color palette gives this cozy apartment a warm and welcoming look. The interiors are designed by Milla Alftan, for the Finnish Housing Fair in 2014. Filled with unique design ideas and details this apartment shows an ecological approach for a living environment.


Tailored storage units on the wall and other playful decor elements create a personal atmosphere. The bucket pendant over the dining table is one of the catchy ideas.

earthy-eco-interior-design-bucket-lighting earthy-eco-interior-design-wall-decor

The painted tree decor on the wall continues with a branch giving dimensional depth for the space.

earthy-eco-interior-design-furniture earthy-eco-interior-design-flooring earthy-eco-interior-design-balcony

Wooden furniture and elements as well as other close to nature materials are strongly present.

earthy-eco-interior-design-natural-materials earthy-eco-interior-design-bedroom-decor

Warm wooden textures create vivid contrast for the different grey tones around.


Photos / Kristian Maukonen