Earthy interior design by Arkstudio


The aim of this interior project by Arkstudio was to improve the inner quality of the space and the amount of natural light. Using bright white surfaces and earthy wood, and by changing the room order the result looks very cosy and warm.

Vintage twisted furniture and decor, as well as old doors give a nice comfortable effect for the white walls and ceiling. The entity could be thought as a scandinavian interior, yet looking closer you can see interesting details and design style that makes the renovation of the apartment look unique and local.

homedecor-apartment-arkstudio livingroom-apartment-arkstudiosofa-apartment-arkstudio kitchen-apartment-arkstudio dining-apartment-arkstudio bathroom-apartment-arkstudio bathroom-sink-apartment-arkstudio bedroom-interior-apartment-arkstudio storage-space-apartment-arkstudio bedroom-apartment-arkstudio

Photos / Rodrigo Simoes Cardoso