Ecocapsule brings independent housing where you need it


Ecocapsule is an opportunity for an eco-life. It is self-sustaining and generates its own resources from the surrounding environment. Ecocapsule is a compact mobile home which enables living in specific conditions and environments. You can connect the ecocapsule to an external power and water supply but you also have the possibility to collect the rainwater and  generate your own power through the wind turbine and solar cells. The usable floor area is 6.3 square meters, offering you the kitchen, toilet and shower amenities and of course the bed area for 1-2 persons. Ecocapsule is an interesting option for a temporary accommodation while  building your main summer cabin for example. Learn more about this innovative design at Ecocapsule website. You can find a video presentation of the product at the end of this post.

ecocapsule-kitchen ecocapsule-sleeping ecocapsule-solar-wind-power