Edgy contrast for white home decor style


Playing with light grey tones and different materials while adding them into a white dominating home decor, you might end up getting something unique and special, where a relaxed and laid-back styling creates an organized looking atmosphere and interiors. This Swedish 50 sqm. sized apartment joins the all white overall, spiced with rustic and antique elements.

Design Bertoia furniture pieces mixed with comfortable velvet like materials, and styled with personal prints, this apartment listed at Entrance shows up with an interesting entity for a perfect city home.

contrast-with-white-decor-styling contrast-with-white-decor-style-living-bedroom contrast-with-white-decor-style-bed-corner contrast-with-white-decor-style-room rustic-balcony-styling contrast-with-white-decor-style-pair-doors contrast-with-white-decor-style-kitchen contrast-with-white-decor-style-kitchen-table contrast-with-white-decor-style-kitchen-design contrast-with-white-decor-style-bathroom contrast-with-white-decor-style-hallway contrast-with-white-decor-style-entry

Photos Anders Bergstedt / entrancemakleri.se