Elegant interior design with lots of light


Built in 2012, this white stone house hides inside an elegant interior entity that baths in light. Joining the surrounding greens the large windows and sliding doors connects the main living area with open patio area. This beautiful house located in Finland, is listed for sale at Bo LKV.

elegant-interior-design-light elegant-interior-design-livingroom

Harmonic and elegant interior style gives the house its final touch enhancing same time the contemporary looks architectural design.


The kitchen has just enough of privacy but it still gets together with the dining and living areas. Brass and wooden details are a perfect match with the bright overall layout.

elegant-interior-design-kitchen elegant-interior-design-staircase elegant-interior-design-lounge elegant-interior-design-bathroom elegant-interior-design-sauna elegant-interior-design-bedroom elegant-interior-design-dressing-room

A spacious dressing room is always a small dream come true.

elegant-interior-design-rooms elegant-interior-design-architecture elegant-interior-design-patio elegant-interior-design-yard

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