Elegant interior desing in an attic apartment


Elegant interior design, added with interesting and characteristic architecture of an old jugend house apartment building, this 87 sqm attic apartment with a loft space charms the visitor with a sophisticated style combining the modern interior design and antique, vintage furniture. The shapes of the ceiling, creating a great room height in the middle, rought brick walls and the inset windows create a unique atmosphere for this beautiful city apartment, located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The apartment is for sale and listed at Bo LKV.

elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-kitchen elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-livingroom elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom-loft elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom-decor elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-lounge-room elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom-balcony elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom-bathroom elegant-interior-design-attic-apartment-bedroom-bathroom-mirror

Photos bolkv.fi