Elegant loft apartment with a clean interior design


The Walmer Loft is a beautifully renovated residence in Toronto, Canada. The designer for the project was Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, and managed to create an interesting home that now shows of with spacious rooms and elegant atmosphere. Most of the interior partitions were removed to create an open floor plan and multiply the flow of light.

In the living room you can enjoy a huge room height while seeing the mahogany stairs taking you to a loft mezzanine that’s used as a study and library. The smooth elegant wooden surfaces and design elements throughout the rooms create a sophisticated entity, twisted with nice Asian art details.

staircase-walmer-loft livingroom-walmer-loft

The combination of red woods, modern white and luxurious black leather, added with steels and glass make the interior feel as elegant you could imagine.

interior-design-walmer-loft diningroom-walmer-loft bathroom-walmer-loft

Photos dubbeldam.ca