Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects


Elizabeth II House by Bates Masi Architects is comprised of a series of parallel walls that provide layers of privacy and insulation from the sound of the surrounding village. This elegant looking house, located in Amagansett NY, shows interesting layer based architecture which combines the large glass wall facades and strong presence of wood.

Inside you can enjoy sophisticated interior design with open spacious rooms and the warmth of the natural materials. Elizabeth II is like a modern day luxury cottage that doesn’t show off too much yet still enjoys a great respect of style and design.

bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-detail bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-living-area bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-interiors bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-reading-corner bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-stairs bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-wooden-staircase bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-bathroom bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-outdoors bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-architecture bates-masi-architects-elizabeth-ii-walls

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