Exclusive Swedish home offers lake views and takes over the nature


This architect designed villa houses total of 292 sqm. and offers magnificent views to the lake nearby. The house is built on a slight slope adapting the architecture with the rock cliffs. Large terrace areas wind softly with the nature lines while the wooden clattering and concrete elements make the house fit perfectly with the surrounding environment.

This beautiful house, listed at Lundin divides in three floors, where the highest takes the place for the spacious en-suite, with its own balcony and bathroom as well.

terrace-exclusive-swedish-home terrace-views-exclusive-swedish-home kitchen-isle-exclusive-swedish-home kitchen-exclusive-swedish-home

Sophisticated natural tones join the light white surfaces, while the large windows let the natural light flow in, making the rooms feel spacious and open.

kitchen-light-exclusive-swedish-home diningtable-exclusive-swedish-home livingroom-natural-light-exclusive-swedish-home livingroom-exclusive-swedish-home

The copper Tom Dixon Etch Shade gives a nice addition for the light harmony of the living room.

bedroom-exclusive-swedish-home lounge-room-exclusive-swedish-home ensuite-bedroom-exclusive-swedish-home lighting-ensuite-exclusive-swedish-homestudy-room-exclusive-swedish-home spa-area-exclusive-swedish-home rock-spa-exclusive-swedish-home entry-hall-exclusive-swedish-home environment-exclusive-swedish-home by-night-exclusive-swedish-home

Photos lundin.se