Farm house refurbishment in Spain


Consisting on a haystack, a barn, a warehouse, a small dwelling and a badiu, this house complex in a small village in La Cerdanya, Spain, experienced a total re-design by Dom Arquitectura.

Great stone walls, flooring tiles and the woodwork, added with iron details create an amazing combination that respects the history of the building, yet same time bringing it up-to-date. Open social spaces inside adapt to the large terrace and patio areas, while the large windows and views over the village take the surrounding nature to be part of the interiors.


The contemporary black and white color palette fits perfectly with the natural tones of wood, while lighting fixtures and hard iron elements bring a good contrast for the decor.

interiors-farm-house-refurbishment terrace-farm-house-refurbishment yard-farm-house-refurbishment outdoor-details-farm-house-refurbishment terrace-area-farm-house-refurbishment staircase-farm-house-refurbishment decor-details-farm-house-refurbishment window-design-farm-house-refurbishment

The history of the house and architecture can be seen everywhere.

lounge-room-farm-house-refurbishment bedroom-farm-house-refurbishment outdoors-farm-house-refurbishment

Photos Jordi Anguera