Garden Shed by Kekkilä


Designed by architect Ville Hara from Avanto Architects and designer Linda Bergroth for Kekkilä Garden’s Home & Garden collection, the Garden Shed is a multi-functional outdoor building that combines a green house with storage space and a optional guest house. Materials used for this prefabricated garden shed are Finnish pine and safety glass. This garden shed is a great example how easily things can work for versatile purposes and adapt their environment.

Thanks to the light structured elements and use of glass, the shed fits perfectly to the nature. It transforms through the seasons and works for many different usage. Enjoy a full sky view while watching the stars or sit down and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Or fill the shed with your favourite flowers, vegetables etc.

garden-shed-kekkila garden-shed-kekkila-glass-wood garden-shed-kekkila-structure garden-shed-kekkila-light garden-shed-kekkila-glass-walls garden-shed-kekkila-bed