Gateira House by Camarim Arquitectos


Designed by Camarim Arquitectos, the Gateira house in Portugal, surrounded by pines, olive trees and the vineyards, approaches the architecture from the landscape itself. The house was for a British couple, who wanted a second home giving them space, open air and silence, in contrast to their life in London.

The core of the house, a social space split in two levels creates an effective separation between the intimate rooms and family space. To emphasize the shapes of the ground, each space sits on a different level and has a direct access to the outside.

architecture-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos pool-area-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos pool-view-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos structure-elements-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos kitchen-sitting-area-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos views-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos walls-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos dining-area-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos open-space-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos house-profile-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos entry-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos

The rustic brick wall of the house entry evokes the region’s traditional slate buildings.

brick-wall-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos roofs-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos bedroom-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos night-lighting-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos environment-gateira-house-camarim-arquitectos

Photos Nelson Garrido /