Gerês House by Carvalho Araújo, a house fitting perfectly to its ground.


With a privileged view over the landscape and a small stream falling down the slope, resulting a small lake at the lower level of the plot, this concrete based Gerês House in Portugal, designed by Carvalho Araújo, shows some spectacular adapting with the surrounding environment and land in a very spontaneous way.

To ensure full unobstructed views over the land below, the access of the house is made for the upper level. Combining the ultimate two building materials, wood and concrete, as well as letting them be present throughout the interiors, this house beautifully combines the simplicity, yet skillful design and architecture.

environment-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo terrace-pond-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo concrete-interior-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo outdoor-bath-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo architecture-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo nature-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo living-space-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo

Large central living room extends to the outside through a large terrace.

bathroom-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo kitchen-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo bedroom-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo terrace-area-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo night-light-geres-house-carvalhoaraujo

Photos Hugo Carvalho Araújo