GH Mild apartment by Archetonic


Nominated in the Architizer A+ Awards 2016, the GH Mild apartment by Archetonic, is an comfortable feeling home, designed for a couple that wanted to keep the future plans open, considering the layout of the apartment. Based around a central corridor as the heart for the home, it maximizes the natural light and open space.

The great room height, sliding wooden doors separating the rooms, and the clean, rather minimalistic black and white color palette creates a light decor base for this beautiful home in Mexico. Light-toned wood elements associate perfectly with the views towards the gardens surrounding the building, while the elegant furniture and contemporary design creates a luxurious, yet welcoming atmosphere.

gh-mild-archetonic-dining-area gh-mild-archetonic-lighting gh-mild-archetonic-living-room gh-mild-archetonic-wood-black-white gh-mild-archetonic-sitting-area

Light-toned wood, white stone and black metalwork, combined with artistic contributions of Ulises Gallegos paintings and Opioptico photography give the apartment a nice and personal touch. The bookshelf dividing the dining area from a compact comfortable sitting/media area is a great choice for the space, while the cosy hammock in the corner brings a relaxing set for the style.

gh-mild-archetonic-decor-elements-color gh-mild-archetonic-space-divider gh-mild-archetonic-living-area-divider gh-mild-archetonic-interior-elements gh-mild-archetonic-hallway gh-mild-archetonic-dining-table-lighting gh-mild-archetonic-dining-interior gh-mild-archetonic-kitchen gh-mild-archetonic-kitchen-island gh-mild-archetonic-bedroom gh-mild-archetonic-bedroom-views gh-mild-archetonic-bathroom gh-mild-archetonic-floor-plan

Photos Rafael Gamo /