Glass making the most in this house by Steve Domoney Architecture


The Hardcourt street house by Steve Domoney Architecture is a beautiful approach to house design dividing the rooms and spaces with glass walls. The light travels easily from space to another making the house feel a huge open entity.

Great room height offers also additional living space in multiple levels. The modern and rather minimalist interior design give the warm green elements of the nature become one with the interiors, adding a cosy impact as well.

patio-glass-house-domoney-architecturekitchen-glass-house-domoney-architecture spaces-glass-house-domoney-architecture

The lighting of the spaces plays a big role. It puts the house in a whole new perspective. Sophisticated style of decor, yet detailed and characteristic make this glass wall based house an interesting residence in overall.

architecture-glass-house-domoney-architecture design-glass-house-domoney-architecture