Glass walls bringing the nature indoors, Lundnäs by Delin Architects


This glass wall house, based on an old brick/stone building now comes alive joining same time the beautiful nature around. The Delin Architects created a simple rectangle shaped form for the house that adapts perfectly with the old brick wall remains. The glass walls on three of the house’s sides offer amazing views to the surrounding nature. You can enjoy all the seasons of the year and let the colors and patterns of nature be a part of the interior design. The big open space serves as the living room and dining area while at the center of the house you can admire the custom white fireplace breaking the angled shapes with its twirly character. Behind the fireplace “wall” you have the kitchen and a bedroom with bunk beds to optimize the use of space.

delin-architects-lundnas-environment delin-architects-lundnas-architecture delin-architects-lundnas-bynight delin-architects-lundnas-views delin-architects-lundnas-glasswalls delin-architects-lundnas-nature delin-architects-lundnas-livingspace delin-architects-lundnas-custom-fireplace delin-architects-lundnas-fireplace delin-architects-lundnas-design delin-architects-lundnas-brickwall delin-architects-lundnas-bedroomdelin-architects-lundnas-details delin-architects-lundnas-space delin-architects-lundnas-kitchen delin-architects-lundnas-door