Haveli House in Australia


Haveli House is a welcoming luxe cottage near town Bangalow, in Australia. The Indonesian and Indian vibes in the interior design creates an authentic and warm atmosphere for this private retreat listed at Airbnb. The property sleeps a total of 5 people.

The earthy tones and natural materials used in interior design and the overall laid-back look and feel makes sure of a pleasant stay with your loved ones. Romantic details and beautiful decor in the rooms, the comfortable terrace area, together with the local climate and environment creates a perfect match for your holiday or for a weekend getaway.

haveli-house-indonesian-style-living-room haveli-house-indonesian-style-furniture haveli-house-indonesian-style-interiors haveli-house-indonesian-style-bedroom haveli-house-indonesian-style-atmosphere haveli-house-indonesian-style-bathroom-decor haveli-house-indonesian-style-bathroom