Hem Alphabeta pendant lamp


Alphabeta, designed by Luca Nichetto exclusively for Hem, is a online-customizable lamp giving you the freedom to make it fit perfectly with your interiors . Whether you like to keep it simple fully black or white, or if you want play with colors, Alphabeta adds personality to any space. Choose from 8 different shapes for both top and bottom. Each shapes has 3 different color options. The innovative pendant system connects two bulbs – one for each shade -allowing for a bi-directional lighting source to brighten up the spaces above and below the lamp. The inner surface is powder-coated white for optimal and even light diffusion. Go, start customizing yours at Hem website.

hem-alphabeta-pendant-2 hem-alphabeta-pendant-3 hem-alphabeta-pendant-4 hem-alphabeta-pendant-5

Photos hem.com