Home decor color trends in 2016


This beautiful apartment by interior designer Milla Alftan is a matching contribution for the color trends of your 2016 in home decor, according to Pantone. The tones of Rose Quartz and Serenity create the perfect harmonic atmosphere added with some spectacular and innovative interior design ideas and details.

Versatile presence of textures and the interesting use of different materials give the sophisticated impression, while noticing the skillful creation of continuum between spaces and rooms.


Colors and tones play nicely on different surfaces combining them into a matching entity from floor to ceiling. Furniture and elements have each their own space yet optimizing the floor area. Geometrical lines and patterns in sliding doors, as well as embossing details in bedroom headboard wall are just the beginning for the contemporary style of this apartment.

homedecor-color-trends-bedroom homedecor-color-trends-glitter-glow homedecor-color-trends-headboard homedecor-color-trends-lightblue homedecor-color-trends-dressingroom homedecor-color-trends-mirrortable homedecor-color-trends-textiles-art homedecor-color-trends-kitchen homedecor-color-trends-details

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