Home design meets West Coast aesthetic with an Asian influence


Contemporary home design combining an Asian influence to a West Coast aesthetic, that’s what the Hasserton residence by Visbeen architects is all about. This three-level house enjoys a spacious and open floor plan with a luxurious style and home decor. The views towards the lake gives the property it’s great finish, while the large windows make the colors of nature become part of the interior design.

Multiple guest rooms, entertainment spaces, a beverage bar on the lower level and the pool out back make this house feel an ideal place to spend time with friends and having dinner parties.

hasserton-visbeen living-room-hasserton-visbeen great-room-lakeview-hasserton-visbeen

The open layout let’s the environment and natural light flow directly into the rooms while making the carefully placed furniture to stand out perfectly and creating the harmony of space.

large-windows-living-room-hasserton-visbeen fireplace-hasserton-visbeen

Decor elements and lighting fixtures give this sleek home a stylish finish.

modern-dining-hall-hasserton-visbeen kitchen-dining-hasserton-visbeen kitchen-storage-hasserton-visbeen kitchen-hasserton-visbeen round-table-fireplace-hasserton-visbeen lounge-room-hasserton-visbeen terrace-hasserton-visbeen home-office-fireplace-hasserton-visbeen

The elevation of the home office space creates an interesting relief for the interior.

home-office-hasserton-visbeen decor-style-hasserton-visbeen modern-bathroom-design-hasserton-visbeen bathroom-style-hasserton-visbeen staircase-hasserton-visbeen bedroom-hasserton-visbeen bedroom-views-hasserton-visbeen great-room-hasserton-visbeen earthy-dining-room-hasserton-visbeen sliding-doors-hasserton-visbeen nightlight-hasserton-visbeen

Photos visbeen.com