House design with a contemporary black and white palette


With great views to the surrounding nature the dining area and living room create an open social living space which is separated with a low wall and few steps. This contemporary Finnish house designed by Haroma & Partners, puts things in a straight line and in scandinavian simplicity. The nature joining the interiors through the large windows gives a nice natural color addition for the black & white color palette, letting it also become a part of the decor and design through different seasons of the year.

house-interior-design-white-grey-views house-interior-design-white-grey-living-space house-interior-design-white-grey-style house-interior-design-white-grey-dining-area house-interior-design-white-grey-kitchen-cabinets house-interior-design-white-grey-storage-space

Lot of storage units are located on the wall area, making them unobtrusive but also optimizing the use of space.

house-interior-design-white-grey-media house-interior-design-white-grey-staircase-windows house-interior-design-white-grey-stairs house-interior-design-white-grey-lounge-room house-interior-design-white-grey-bathroom house-interior-design-white-grey-sauna house-interior-design-white-grey-black-white-sauna

Dark black walls and ceiling create a modern look for the sauna while the light toned benches keep the atmosphere bright enough.

house-interior-design-white-grey-modern-sauna house-interior-design-white-grey-entry

Photos / Arto Arvilahti