House M, angular architecture meets minimalistic design, by Monovolume architecture + design


House M, located in Meran, Italy, by Monovolume architecture + design is a beautiful architectural residential building where the terrain flows through the building and finds its renewal in the pool and meadow area. The window elements integrate the minimalistic and contemporary modern interiors with the surrounding environment. Marble floors, glossy white surfaces and light fixtures in staircase for example give the house its luxurious atmosphere and being.

house-m-by-monovolume-2 house-m-by-monovolume-3 house-m-by-monovolume-4 house-m-by-monovolume-5 house-m-by-monovolume-6 house-m-by-monovolume-7 house-m-by-monovolume-8 house-m-by-monovolume-9 house-m-by-monovolume-10 house-m-by-monovolume-11 house-m-by-monovolume-12 house-m-by-monovolume-13 house-m-by-monovolume-14 house-m-by-monovolume-15 house-m-by-monovolume-16 house-m-by-monovolume-17 house-m-by-monovolume-18 house-m-by-monovolume-19

Photos / Meraner & Hauser Photostudio