How to decorate with black and white


Black and white bring out their best when presenting them in different textures, patterns and materials. Like all the colors, black and white consist of infinite tones and shades which actually makes their combination surprisingly versatile. Geometric patterns and the vary of materials put it all in under a whole new perspective.


Not only these two often simple stated colors but also the shapes and forms of the furniture and elements they are present make a big different how they look. For example light structured black rectangular elements in different sizes give the space a solid base that can be twisted with more soften and laid back rounded shapes.


Prints and wall art are also a way to give the black and white color theme a more interesting look. Patterns in decor pillows bring a nice final touch for a solid color coach, yet being black/white.


Remember the balance of the elements no matter what the color. Also point out the warmth of light used around. The light really changes everything. Play with design and second-hand. It creates a unique combination. Laid back atmosphere with design elements like Eames chairs and Louis Poulsen Collage pendant in this space put the right things into the spotlight.

kitchen-island-decorate-with-black-and-white kitchen-decorate-with-black-and-white

Minimalist and balanced white gets some nice contrast from the House Doctor Block carpet in this kitchen. Just about the right amount of glossy white, relaxed textile and the natural wood in the flooring.

sofacorner-decorate-with-black-and-white bedroom-corner-decorate-with-black-and-white

With decor and personal details you can highlight the most important things and spaces. Decor lights, small green plants and other cozy elements create any interesting space when used carefully and in harmony.


Hard black gets romantic softness from the Vita Eos pendant in this bedroom.


As well as the steel Tolix chair next to the desktop. Once again, the mixture of materials and textures, not just the colors.