Jugend house apartment with contemporary and eclectic style


This 104 sqm. apartment of a jugend style house in Helsinki, Finland, immerses beautifully a combination of contemporary and eclectic interior design. Glossy white kitchen isle and cabinet doors change into darker floors throughout the apartment. Roster details in the kitchen, a traditional tile stove in the living room and the modern Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs of the dining room are just a few to mention about the decor. This amazing apartment is listed for sale at Bo LKV, so have glimpse of it if you’re thinking of moving to Helsinki.

jugendhouse-scandinavian-dining-table jugendhouse-scandinavian-dining-area jugendhouse-scandinavian-living-room

A small wall between the dining area and living room smoothly separates the two spaces while the curtains colors change as well. Stunning chandelier is a perfect match for the elegant decor. Don’t forget to point out the decorative tile stove in the corner.

jugendhouse-scandinavian-tile-stove jugendhouse-scandinavian-bedroom jugendhouse-scandinavian-small-loft

Photos bolkv.fi