Jugend style attic apartment


Located in Helsinki, Finland, this attic apartment of a Jugend style building puts together the traditional architectural characters and the contemporary interior design. The apartment is listed at Kotijoukkue realtor.

Living room and kitchen creates a warm social space for everyday living, while modern black and white theme gets nice natural twist through the wooden kitchen cabinets. In addition the Kartell Masters chairs and Eames DAR chair at the background give the final touch perfecting the Scandinavian decor style.

attic-apartment-scandinavian-kitchenattic-apartment-scandinavian-livingroom attic-apartment-scandinavian-bedroom

The bedroom is located at the back of the living area, divided with a half wall. A great way to let the architecture and light flow around.

attic-apartment-scandinavian-wall attic-apartment-scandinavian-bathroom

Photos OOPEAA, Anssi Lassila / kotijoukkue.fi