Loft apartment mixing rough surfaces with warm wood


NW 13th Avenue Loft, designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, is a visually interesting project combining rough materials and warm wood. This apartment is in one of the early-20th-century loft warehouse structures built with concrete and old brick. The clients wanted a space that was open feeling, with lots of storage, room to entertain large groups, and a warm sophisticated color palette. Furniture and details, such as Moroccan rugs, vintage Eames DKW leather, steel and wood chairs add pattern and interest as well as the dark steel and blown-glass chandelier. The dark earthy grey beams in the ceiling give this personal house its beautiful country twisted finish. Things are designed to be simple enough yet giving the residents and visitors a memorable sight.

loft-apartment-diningroom eames-chairs-details loft-apartment-kitchen-openshelves book-storage-in-loft-apartment-living-room wall-mounted-vintage-storage-shelf white-tiling-bahtroom-loft-apartment textiles-decorating-bedroom

Photos Lincoln Barbour /