Loft style penthouse in Paris


With an elegant style, black and white modern look and covered with beautiful custom made furniture this loft apartment in Paris is a dream come true home. Spiral staircase take you to the upper level for workroom and bedroom spaces. The main floor stands for an open social space with an inviting circular living room. Beautiful wood surface flooring and interesting shapes of the walls throughout the apartment every room and space becomes unique. Wood furniture give the bedroom a nice natural atmosphere and soft textiles, carpets and white pendants add warm cozy, soft style. As a topping for this dream loft there’s a big open terrace on the roof to invite your friends to enjoy the view over Paris.

paris-loft-2 paris-loft-3 paris-loft-4 paris-loft-5 paris-loft-6 paris-loft-7

Photos via / Frederic-Leon Ducout