Magical Croatian Tower creating a castle like atmosphere


Croatian Tower is a stunning house project by Steven Harris Architects and Rees Roberts + Partners. It’s located in Elafiti Islands, Croatia. With amazing landscape views over the Adriatic Sea, this mysterious looking tower hides inside unique interiors and spaces where contemporary design furniture associate with the years old stone walls. The light earthy color palette fits perfectly with the character of the Tower, while the rooms enjoy huge amount of natural light flowing in from the windows around the walls.

In addition with the carefully designed interiors, the surrounding garden areas and wild landscape gets you into place where time stops. This place is the perfection!

building-croatian-tower interior-croatian-tower decor-croatian-tower fireplace-stone-walls-croatian-tower castle-atmosphere-croatian-tower window-views-croatian-tower bedroom-art-decor-croatian-tower sliding-door-bedroom-window-croatian-tower living-room-croatian-tower staircase-croatian-tower kitchen-croatian-tower dining-kitchen-croatian-tower wood-stone-croatian-tower garden-croatian-tower yard-croatian-tower garden-nature-croatian-tower croatian-tower