Minimalist yet inviting house design – A House by Joarc Architects


A House by Joarc Architects is a minimalistic yet inviting house with a personal character and rich in details. Strong architectural lines give the house a solid and timeless look while also bringing out some interesting highlights and design. This beautiful piece of architecture with 200 sqm inside, is located in Finland.

The glass facades reflect the in flowing sunlight, giving the house its modern, contemporary impression, same time blending the exterior and the interior smoothly into each other. With the open floor plan the house offers a perfect environment for a modern family life. The beautiful appearance of the white stone base of the house gets a nice addition from the large functional terrace, extending the living area especially in the summer time.


minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-architecture minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-outdoors minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-living-area minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-kitchen minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-decor-detail minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-dining-area minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-design minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-lounge-fireplace minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-sun-terrace minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-balcony minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-sauna minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-home-spa minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-bathroom minimalistic-a-house-joarc-architects-terrace

Photos / Hurtti Isomeri / Krista Keltanen