Mixing different interior design styles together


This beautiful apartment beautifully mixes different interior styles and atmospheres from bright Scandinavian lines to French and British decor. The rough brick cladding outdoors turn into white/grey color theme which enjoys a warm touch of wood. This personal and welcoming home is listed at Entrance.


Playful pendant lamp and the black furniture give nice edge for the harmony of grey. The black works also as a bond between the main elements and the wall painting.

mixing-interior-design-styles-details mixing-interior-design-styles-fireplace

Equipped with a modern steel fireplace takes care of the warm atmosphere during the wintertime. It also divides the living room from the cosy dining area at the background.

mixing-interior-design-styles-diningarea mixing-interior-design-styles-french-kitchen mixing-interior-design-styles-kitchen-table mixing-interior-design-styles-lounge mixing-interior-design-styles-windows mixing-interior-design-styles-kidsroom mixing-interior-design-styles-kidsroom-decor mixing-interior-design-styles-bedroom mixing-interior-design-styles-white-kidsroom

Photos entrancemakleri.se / Anders Bergstedt