Modern Bondi House by Fearns Studio


Bondi House by Ferns Studio has a tubular ground floor structure where oak cabinetry, doors and other wooden elements give warmth for the vivid white based layer of the house. Skylight allowing some extra light in the centre of the house plan and the large windows bringing the outdoor elements inside put a nice character for this modern living space.

The harmony of the laid back decor and color palette creates a sophisticated atmosphere, whereas the garden and outdoor become in an important role of the entity. Simplie, elegant, even minimalistic yet cosy and welcoming.

modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-living-room modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-design modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-style modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-hallway modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-garden modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-glass-walls modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-bathroom modern-bondi-house-fearns-studio-yard

Photos Tom Ferguson /