Modern house architecture joins the nature around


Located in the archipelago near city of Helsinki, Finland, this beautiful modern house, designed by architect Aleksi Niemelä shows an interesting story between the architecture and nature. The grey wooden cladding of the house makes it fit perfectly into its surrounding nature environment while the great windows multiply the amount of natural light inside the house. The house is listed at Etuovi and the realtor for the house is Lea Jakama.

The main house with a large pool terrace area locates in the upper part of the property, offering views over the private sand beach and separate sauna building. With a modern, yet timeless and the carefully planned landscaping the house adapts perfectly to the nature.

landscape-modern-architecture-house-finland profile-modern-architecture-house-finland kitchen-dining-modern-architecture-house-finland dining-area-modern-architecture-house-finland sliding-doors-modern-architecture-house-finland bedroom-modern-architecture-house-finland levels-modern-architecture-house-finland sitting-room-modern-architecture-house-finland staircase-modern-architecture-house-finland bathroom-modern-architecture-house-finland pool-area-modern-architecture-house-finland views-modern-architecture-house-finland beach-modern-architecture-house-finland beach-sauna-modern-architecture-house-finland yard-modern-architecture-house-finland driveway-modern-architecture-house-finland

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