Modern interior design with architectural character and high tech details


Using modern materials and design elements, this architectural beauty combines the contemporary living environment with lots of light and quality. The lighting, heating and alarm systems are connected through high tech solutions giving you carefree feeling. This house is listed for sale at Snellman Sotheby’s.


The great room height takes the advantage of light and feel of space. Level steps create nice depth for the rooms while the architectural characters of the house stand out in the hall, living room and kitchen area. The connection between wood and contemporary black and white is amazing.

contemporary-house-architecture-living-room-decor contemporary-house-architecture-hall contemporary-house-architecture-kitchen-island contemporary-house-architecture-dining contemporary-house-architecture-kitchen-design contemporary-house-architecture-bedroom contemporary-house-architecture-master-bedroom contemporary-house-architecture-bedroom-bathroom contemporary-house-architecture-toilet contemporary-house-architecture-sauna contemporary-house-architecture-atrium-yard

The atrium like yard and roof terrace offer nice privacy while having a grill party on sun tan moment.