Modern summer house in the pure scandinavian nature


Villa Överby is a summer house with pure forms and clean lines. The design of the house follows unadorned lines to highlight the lightness and beauty of simplicity. Lots of open social space combining the kitchen, dining and sitting room areas maximize the views through the glazed walls facing the sea. The dark black roofing and exterior walls create a massive contrast for the light parts of the house. Also point out the overflow pool on the outer edge of the terrace. The house is designed by architect office John Robert Nilsson.


Casting an amazing view over the lands in the Stockholm archipelago, the terrace perfectly joins the surrounding nature with all its simplicity. One might think this place for a photo shooting location of a James Bond film.

glass-walls-villa-overby pure-scandinavian-nature-villa-overby

The lightness enhanced by the recessed frames continues with the open and minimalist interior design.

open-space-villa-overby modern-white-bathroom-villa-overby terrace-pool-villa-overby building-villa-overby